IP Audio Decoders


IP Audio Decoder

IP Audio Decoders are device entities used to convert IP audio streams to traditional analogue audio. The resulting audio signal is then usually connected to standard system audio equipment through compatible level inputs and ‘line-in’ (eg. a mixer, pre-amp)

Most can be configured independently, decoding streams from IP audio sources such as an internet radio station or a compatible internet music content service. Browser based user control for volume control, on/off and scheduling of playout (eg. Radio 1 from 9am to 11am, Radio 2 until 3pm and Heart for the remainder of the day).

IP Audio ‘decoders’ are sometimes used in partnership with IP Audio ‘encoders’. Integrated with traditional audio equipment, audio routing and zones can be created using the site IP network/LAN infrastructure for the distribution of audio. This proposition is especially useful for larger sites and multi-buildings, improving topology design and reducing cable installation works.

Some IP decoders contain integrated amplifiers. These devices perform the same decoding functions but can be directly connected to traditional 8ohm speaker/s to create IP speaker/s.

What do IP Audio Decoders offer?

  • Convert IP / Internet audio streams for use with traditional audio equipment.
  • Partner with IP encoder/s to create routed audio links (eg. between sites or different buildings)
  • Simplified audio routing and audio zone configuration
  • Enhanced commercial audio topologies with reduced cabling demands

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