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IP Audio (AoIP)

IP Audio promises and delivers!
Latest IP audio technology enables enhanced function, capability & flexibility when compared to traditional audio. Learn more about the what, why and how's of IP audio.

Audio Applications

Smart IP Audio application solutions
Supercharge your business audio, communication and music using latest IP audio technology and integrated Audio over IP (AoIP) Audio applications - inc SIP, AES67, & Dante.

Audio Sectors

Business & Industry audio sectors
Commercial, Factory, Industrial, Offices, Retail, Leisure, Logistics, Local Authority, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Sports & Emergency Services.

About Abletek

We sell, design, install and support IP Audio and traditional sound systems.
Our sales, installation and support services are available direct to end-user customers, through engineering consultants and through specialist contractor partnerships.

We offer a wide IP Audio product portfolio and software solutions – including:
IP Speakers, IP Microphones, IP Audio Encoders, IP Audio Decoders, IP Intercom and fully integrated firmware / software management.

IP Audio | Applications

Abletek offers a wide range of flexible, scalable and secure commercial IP audio applications. IP system device ‘entities’ and integrated audio technologies are used to create audio functionality and capability not possible with traditional audio device entities and design.

Discover more about commercial IP Audio applications, and how they are used by the various industry and market sectors.

Product Sales

Sales by Manufacturer

Sales by Category

IP Speaker

IP Speakers

Range of IP Speakers to fit most commercial installation settings. Internal and external options available

IP Microphone

IP Microphones

IP microphones for public address IP PA, IP Tannoy. Single & multi-zone, button and screen based options

IP Audio Encoder

Audio En-Coders

Devices used to en-code traditional audio into IP audio (eg. convert audio from a CD Player, Tuner or Mixer output)

IP Audio Decoder

Audio De-Coders

Devices used to de-code IP audio to traditional audio (eg. for output to a traditional mixer / amplifier)

IP Intercom System

IP Intercom

Stations & Masters, voice and video options with generic IP audio and SIP inegration

IP Audio System Software Manager


Software and Firmware options for configuration, control and management of IP Audio Applications

IP Audio Message Player

IP Audio Players

Audio Messages and Music Players used for message playout (security, adverts) and Background Music (BGM)

IP Audio Accessories

IP Audio Accessories

Audio Messages and Music Players used for message playout (security, adverts) and Background Music (BGM)

Client Projects

Successful installation of 100’s of commercial audio sound systems; IP audio & traditional, our customer base extends throughout the UK.
The following is a small selection of our client project installations – Factory, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Leisure, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Government examples of some of our completed, on-going and contracted work and projects.

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