IP Audio Digital Signage


  • Low latency WiFi streaming to mobile phones
  • iOS & Android support
  • Single & Multi-channel
  • ‘Tune-in’ options including directed QR code 

IP Audio Digital Signage

From the train station to local school or  restaurant, digital signage in all its glory is everywhere. For some, audio can bring an extra dimension to digital signage, providing enhanced shopper, visitor or user experience. Low latency WiFi IP audio streaming to mobile phones enables individual choice, experience and interaction. Example use and applications as follows:

  • Advertisement & Retail 
  • Transportation 
  • Showcases & Audio Guides (tours & museums)
  • Auditoriums, Theaters & Conferencing 
  • Multi-channel, multi-lingual 

IP / WiFi Audio Streaming

WiFi audio streaming to smart mobile phones. 

Users and customers can listen and interact with audio services – for example, a retail digital signage board, an attraction showcase guide or perhaps from a multi-language feed from an event or conference. 

  • Audio Source
  • IP Audio Router
  • IP / WiFi Network
  • WiFi iOS or Android phone & app

How does WiFi audio streaming work?

Audio & music from a range of audio source devices and audio services is connected to an IP audio router (encoder) device entity. Smartphone users connect to the IP audio router via and app, then select a listening feed channel. Provision of multiple channels is available – eg. an English or French audio feed.

Some WiFi audio streaming examples applications as follows:

IP Audio Digital Signage

Digital signage systems and video wall boards have become commonplace in retail, hospitality and across many industry sectors.

Integrating audio into digital signage provides a ‘voice’ to the screen and an additional dimension to shopper, visitor or user experience.

  • Multi-media content delivery
  • Enhanced showcase for products or services
  • Increased user interactivity
  • Re-enforce branding

Museum & Visitor Attraction WiFi Audio (and video)

If you’ve ever visited a museum, exhibition or similar visitor attraction, you will have probably been offered an audio guide service. Most likely a small audio player device with a set of headphones which you hand back after your tour. Most of these audio guides offer only basic audio playout and don’t provide any enhanced user experience or interaction.

A WiFi audio system (and video) allows users to decide for themselves how much or little content they want to listen to & how to engage and interact. For example, a museum visitor may choose to learn more about a specific painting or sculpture.

Events, Conferences & Lectures WiFi Audio

Audio in action. There are numerous possibilities to stream WiFi audio at shows, events and conferences. For example a retail or leisure meeting space with a video wall board. Or perhaps a conference hall with international delegates requiring multi-lingual audio feeds.

  • Public / street / wall board entertainment
  • Advance show & event information 
  • Live audience audio stream (multi-lingual channel feeds)

IP Audio Digital Signage

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