IP Audio Applications


Network audio and AoIP applications to create flexible, scalable commercial audio designs.  

  • Leverage existing IP network infrastructure
  • Browser management & control
  • Generic and sector specific
  • Interoperability and Integrated technology options

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Commercial network IP audio (AoIP) is widely employed across all business industry sectors. Leveraging IP network infrastructure investment, IP sound systems & IP audio applications offer integrated, scalable design and operational capabilities not possible with traditional audio.

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Take a look at the primary commercial IP audio applications, typical AoIP device entities & how IP sound applications are employed…

IP Tannoy | IP PA | IP Paging

Plug in an IP speaker, plug in an IP microphone. Use your browser to configure…. Bingo, you just created a simple IP Tannoy / IP PA / IP Paging system. Unshackled from dedicated cabling, with audio distribution via the LAN, WAN, VPN and Internet, IP Tannoy can scale effortlessly. ‘Gateways’ can be used to enable announcement capability from a browser or from SIP IP phones.

IP Public Address IP Tannoy
IP Background Music IP BGM

IP Background Music (IP BGM)

IP Background Music (IP BGM) leverages network audio and AoIP capability. IP BGM is widely used across all commercial industry sectors to store, schedule, route and play-out music and radio to zone/s. Legacy audio devices (eg. CD player or Radio Tuner) can be connected through an IP Audio Encoder. Dedicated IP audio music/radio players allow for simple storage and control of music libraries and playlists. Internet and cloud based streaming BGM services further elevate capability offering ‘curated’ IP BGM offering tailored play-out and branding across industry sectors.

SIP VoIP IP Audio Integration

Many businesses now use VoIP Telephony which is typically underpinned by a VoIP communications protocol called Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SIP IP Audio device entities can integrate directly with on-premise or hosted SIP based VoIP telephony services. This integration enables Tannoy, Public Address(PA) and Paging announcements to be made from telephones. SIP VoIP telephony gateways also exist to connect and integrate with traditional analogue audio systems.

SIP IP Telephony Audio Integration
IP Intercom System

IP Intercom

Intercom capability and applications have been transformed by IP audio. Scalability and flexibility through improved installation deployment, audio routing & zoning have enabled enhanced intercom capability. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a generic standard that is used by most IP telephony systems to establish and control telephone calls. Most IP intercom systems use SIP similarly, enabling integration with customer telephony / telephones.

CCTV 'Talk Back'

Network audio and AoIP can be used to deliver targeted audio to security locations including CCTV points and coverage areas for CCTV ‘talkback’ applications. Local or remote monitoring stations can target live announcements or pre-recorded audio messages to CCTV points individually, as groups or all points.

IP CCTV Talkback
IP Audio Lock Down System

IP 'Lockdown'

Flexible and scalable mass notification audio applications can be created using IP audio. Lockdown and similar security announcements can be stored and triggered by physical buttons, switches and relays an/or via secure browser GUI buttons providing improved trigger point flexibility.

Time based scheduling of audio message playback is also possible for any routine security and informational announcements.

IP Audio Digital Signage

Give screens a Voice!

Transform and enhance digital signage systems. Add a true multi-media user, visitor or shopper experience.

Multi-audio source to multi-channel audio feeds via simple, secure WiFi audio streaming services.


IP Audio Applications

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