IP Speakers


IP Wall Speaker

Simple, Scalable and Flexible – IP Speakers are free from costly, in-flexible dedicated audio cabling and require no supporting specialist audio processing or amplification equipment.

Simply connect IP Speakers to powered network ports (PoE) to playout a wide range of audio applications.

  • Public Address (PA) / Tannoy announcements
  • Mass Notification (eg. security, lockdown, covid)
  • Background Music (BGM), Internet Radio, IceCast
  • SIP and VoIP telephony Integration playout options
  • Audio Signage – Give Screens a Voice

IP Speakers – Entity Options:

Offered in two primary options, IP speakers are available as follows:

  1. An integrated IP speaker form factor. These speakers combine the network interface, audio codec, audio amplification and speaker driver/cone itself…. within a single speaker device entity. As a result, these speakers look similar if not identical in many cases to traditional speaker designs.
  2. An IP speaker module (IP audio decoder). These device entities typically contain the network interface, audio codec and amplification – but differ as they don’t contain the speaker driver/cone itself. These devices are designed to be connected to a separate traditional speaker – ‘IP enabling’ the traditional speaker, so that the designer/customer can select a speaker design, size, colour of choice.

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