IP Intercom - IP Access Control


  • Latest ‘smart’ IP intercom & Access Technology
  • AI Facial Recognition, Touch & Touchless options
  • Temperature Sensor & Fingerprint Recognition
  • SIP, ONVIF – 3rd party integration
  • Time & Attendance
  • PIN, NFC, RFID and QR code (1 time access)

IP Intercom & IP Access

Commercial Intercom and Access Control has come a very long way in recent years. Integrated IP network infrastructures and new IP device entities have enabled system functionality and capability not previously available trough traditional intercom / access technology and systems.

IP Intercom & IP Access Control integrates a true multi-media capabilities,  improving workplace flexibility, lowering total cost of ownership and making for excellent visitor experience.

SIP IP Intercom & IP Access

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a widely adopted protocol standard to initiate, maintain, control and terminate (often called SIP signalling) real time multi-media ‘sessions’. SIP has become synonymous with IP telephony and VoIP, but is also widely used to integrate voice and video multi-media applications (such as IP Intercom and IP Access Control).

  • IP Call Stations / Door Phones
  • IP Call Master / Door Monitoring Panels
  • IP Access Control (NFC, RFID, facial recognition, PIN etc..)
  • Time & Attendance
  • Door Locks & Physical Security

Access Control & Technology Options

IP call station and door phone entities can be deployed with a range of access control technology options:

PIN Code Access & Control

Simple keypad user interface (UI). IP access control terminal enabling ‘keyed’ access via the device keypad.

  • Simple keyed PIN code user access & control
  • Recorded entry details and information for time & attendance
  • Interface to door control / unlock & physical security
ip intercom keypad

RFID Access & Control

Radio Frequency Indetification (RFID) is an established wireless technology used widely in security, intercom and access control applications.

  • Contactless technology option
  • Simple user access via RFID card or RFID key fob
  • Interface to local interface to unlock door
  • User ‘enrollment’ with managed access rights & restrictions

NFC Access & Control

Near-Field Communication is a short range contactless 2-way communications technology, typically operating at distances of up to 4cm between two NFC devices.

  • Mainstream contactless technology option
  • Established smartphone use – payment services (eg. Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • Smart phone NFC intercom access, requiring no cards or fobs
  • Passive & Active NFC device options
office ip intercom system

What is NFC Technology?

NFC has become the established contactless technology of choice in many security applications and smart device / phone ticketing and contactless payment services.

Passive NFC: These devices send information to other NFC devices but have no power source and so therefore don’t process data/information. ID cards, security entry tags and cards, billboards & signs are all examples of passive NFC.

Active NFC: Active NFC devices are able to both send and receive data, between each other as well as with passive NFC devices. Smartphones are by far the most common form of active NFC device. Public transport card payment and contactless payment terminals are also good examples of active NFC technology.

How is NFC Technology used in IP Access Control?

Latest mobile devices – phones, watches and tablets now employ NFC technology for services such as contactless payment (eg. Apple Pay and Google Pay). IP access control applications leverage this capability enabling NFC to be used for simple, convenient and secure contactless door access and entry. Used in this way, smart phone devices provide access – users are not required to carry additional access devices such as key cards or fobs (cost effective, lower environmental impact).

Facial Recognition Access & Control

AI-Powered facial recognition is used to provide touchless, secure & convenient access.

  • Over 99% success (disallow failsafe)
  • Employs ‘anti-spoofing’ technology to eliminate counterfeit photo/video 
  • Self learning algorithm to track and update face changes
  • Encrypted face data only used on access device (not stored centrally)
  • Duplicate, manage facial data between access devices (eg. multi-buildings) 

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Access & Control

Containing an integrated biometric fingerprint reader offers further access and control options.

  • Users require no additional access device (ie. card, phone, fob…)
  • Multi-finger, multi-point – ensures accuracy (disallow failsafe)
  • Encrypted biometric data only used on access device (not stored centrally)
  • Duplicate, manage biometric data between access devices (eg. multi-buildings) 
Akuvox R29C-T IP Intercom

IP Call Master / Monitoring Panels

IP Call Masters and Monitoring Panels provide a graphical user interface (GUI) enabling control and interaction with IP Call Stations and other access control devices.

Door Intercom & Monitoring Panel

Door intercom and door monitoring is clearly an important capability of most commercial and domestic IP intercom applications and installations. For commercial application, monitoring panels are typically deployed and used by services personnel such as reception and site security. Latest IP monitoring panels offer enhanced functionality with some offering integrated SIP server / client capability.

  • Commercial & Domestic 
  • Multi-media touchscreen GUI
  • SIP server / client capability 
  • Embedded I/O relay contacts for 3rd party automation control
  • Ethernet & WiFi connectivity options 
ip call master and door monitor

IP Intercom & IP Access Control

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