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Hospital Sound System | NHS & Healthcare

Audio systems are employed by many NHS and healthcare settings to aid communications and to improve patient / visitor experiences. Example healthcare & hospital sound system audio applications include:

  • Accident & Emergency (A&E) response
  • Healthcare Hospital Tannoy, Paging & Public Address (PA) – staff, patients & visitors
  • Patient Call Systems (reception areas, triage etc.)
  • Background Music (BGM) – waiting / reception areas
  • Scheduled audio Message Playout – system testing, security, lockdown
  • Smoking Deterrent Systems

Audio Applications

Accident & Emergency (A&E) Response

Many A&E and associated ED settings now use audio to communicate with staff. Co-ordination of staff and particularly used with serious inbound emergencies to muster and ready A&E doctors, nurses and supporting staff.

IP Tannoy, Paging, Public Address (PA)

Staff, patients and visitors – general communication.

  • Staff Call / Announcements
  • Guest & Visitor Announcements

Next Patient Call

Employed in various healthcare settings to enable information and instruction to call in patients to see doctor, nurse, triage etc.

  • Simple audio system
  • Integrate with wall board / visual patient call

Background Music (BGM)

Often used in many healthcare settings – reception areas, waiting rooms and other similar patient / visitor areas.

  • Stored Audio Playback (local IP music player)
  • Music Streaming Service (eg. Soundtack Your Brand)
  • ‘Curated’ local/streaming music service (popular option / choice)
  • Zoned Audio – The ability to select and playout different BGM to different areas

Audio Message Playout

Pre-recorded audio tones and messages are used within many hospitality settings. On demand, triggered or scheduled playout of stored audio messages are used.

  • Guest and Visitor announcements
  • Marketing / campaigns 
  • Systems testing (eg. fire alarm)
  • Security & Incident, Lockdown

Smoking Deterrent System

Smoking is completely banned within many healthcare and hospital settings. Audio smoking deterrent systems help to support and enforce no-smoking policy.

  • Manual, scheduled and auto triggering options
  • Often used at entrance / A&E healthcare locations
  • Enforce no-smoking rules and policy
hospital-ip-audio system

Hospital IP Sound System

Many healthcare settings have invested in their IT and network provisioning (wired and WiFI network access is required by many medical systems, devices and supporting equipment). IP Audio leverages this investment, enabling simple, scalable designs and installation across large sites and buildings – limiting cabling and local engineering disruption.

IP Audio vs Traditional Audio…

  • Offers much improved capability, scalability, management & control
  • Provide topology and audio routing options not available with traditional audio
  • Requires little or no centralised system equipment 

Traditional Audio vs IP Audio…

  • Lower system, device and speaker costs
  • Wide manufacturer and product choice availability
  • Established sales and support channels

Which audio technology?

Healthcare audio projects requiring access to some of the improved capabilities of IP audio such as flexible management of audio source and audio output (routing and volume control), are likely to require and embrace IP audio. Balancing cost and capability, it is also possible to consider an integrated IP / Traditional system solution mixing both technologies for less complex / demanding project designs.


Healthcare IP Audio

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