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Oundle Surgery

Project Outline

The Oundle medical surgery is a large community medical centre offering the full range of standard GP services. As part of process improvement plans to streamline patient calling for appointments (GP, Nurse and Triage). Our solution was to install speakers to the waiting room/areas – announcement capability was provided by integrating the site IP telephone system to enable staff announcements from telephones within any of the associated treatment/consultation rooms.

Audio Applications

  • Next Patient Call
  • Integrated IP Telephony

Audio Specification & Technologies

  • 100v line, high impedance
  • SIP / IP Telephony Interface
  • Later interface to patient arrival system

Installation Details

The main audio system comprised an integrated Class D mixer/amplifier, housed within a dedicated 19″ rack for safe protected access. Two audio zones (for each patient waiting area) were installed with recessed ceiling speakers to existing ceiling plasterboard.

We installed a SIP / IP telephony interface unit. Registered to the site SIP telephone system, the interface unit was also connected the the audio system (acting like a gateway). Telephones from any of the treatment or consultation rooms were able to access the audio system to announce ‘next patient’ call.

Note: Our initial audio configuration was altered at a later date to allow for browser triggered audio tone (MP3) – this was combined with a digital monitor which provided output of additional patient information and direction to associated treatment or consultation room.

Oundle Surgery

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