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Factory & Industrial Sound Systems

Factories and the wider production and manufacturing sector rely on audio systems to provide mass notification communication to their workforce and regularly in support of manufacturing production processes.

Typical Factory and Industrial sound systems will employ three primary audio applications:

1. Factory Tannoy, Paging & Public Address (PA)
2. Background Music / Radio (BGM)
3. Scheduled audio Message Playout (shift, break, process changes)

Audio Applications

Mass Notification (Tannoy, Paging, PA)

Factories and Industrial settings are typically large sites with large buildings & often multiple buildings. Mass notification through audio  communication using ‘Tannoy’, Paging and Public Address (PA) applications are regularly employed.

  • General Staff Announcements
  • First Aid Responder
  • Breakdowns & Maintenance
  • Security & Incident Reporting

Background Music / Radio (BGM)

Many factories and industrial settings employ audio systems to playout background music and/or radio. Generally restricted to the main workspace and production areas, BGM helps to counteract the ambient noise and ‘drone’ that is often encountered and associated within such busy and noise filled settings.

  • Stored Audio Playback (music player)
  • Radio  – Popular factory BGM choice providing entertainment, news weather / travel updates
  • Zoned Audio – The ability to select and playout different BGM to different rooms, areas & buildings

IP Intercom & IP Access Control

Most factory and industrial sites use access control measures at their gates, turnstiles and building entry points. IP Intercom elevates function and capability, offering full multi-media interaction and a wide range of access control technology options. 

  • Multi-media interaction
  • PIN, RFID, NFC, Fingerprint & Facial Recognition
  • SIP Telephony and ONVIF video integration
  • Integrate with Time & Attendance systems

Audio Message Playout

Pre-recorded audio tones and messages are used within many factory and industrial settings. On demand, triggered or scheduled playout of tones & messages are used for a variety of staff, operational and process requirements as follows.

  • Break & Shift Changes
  • Lockdown & Security Messages
  • Production & Process Messages and Alarm Tones
  • Informational Messages 

Factory & Industrial IP Audio

Audio coverage for large sites and multiple buildings is likely to require a large audio system installation with many speakers. What technology/ies to use (IP audio or Traditional audio) for such settings and for the various audio system components will depend on a number of factors.

IP Audio vs Traditional Audio…

  • Offers improved capability, scalability, management & control
  • Provide topology and audio routing options not available with traditional audio
  • Requires little or no centralised system equipment 

Traditional Audio vs IP Audio…

  • Lower system, device and speaker costs
  • Wide manufacturer and product choice availability
  • Established sales and support channels

Which audio technology?

Cost is a primary decision factor in all new audio installation projects. As factories and industrial settings are likely to require large qty’s of speakers, traditional audio remains a strong option for speakers. However, IP audio can be an excellent choice for audio distribution (in large buildings, between buildings) as well as provide improved audio source input and control. Mixing audio technologies in this way offers a cost effective balance and route for many factory and industrial sound system installations.

Factory & Industrial Audio

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