Rescue & Military IP Audio


  • MoD, Army, Navy & Airforce
  • Fire, Police & Ambulance 
  • First Responder Service
  • Air Ambulance Service

Rescue IP Sound System

Audio sound systems are employed by most rescue services and MoD / Military settings. A rescue IP sound system can enable excellent audio capability, including multi-media integration and simple audio routing across these typically large sites.

Example Rescue and Military sound system audio applications:

  • Military ‘Station Tannoy’ – synonymous with mass military communication
  • Tannoy, Paging & Public Address (PA) – general staff communication
  • Audio Message Playout – system testing, security, alarm status
  • Muster & Readiness playout – reactive rescue, air ambulance 

Rescue & Military Audio Applications

Station 'Tannoy' System (mass notification)

Most MoD / Military sites employ site wide audio system/s to enable reliable site wide mass communication. Generally used for important informative communication as well as instructional announcements for alert readiness and incident actions.

Tannoy, Paging, Public Address (PA)

Staff & visitors – general communication.

  • Staff Call / Announcements
  • Guest & Visitor Announcements

Audio Message Playout

Pre-recorded audio tones and messages are used within many rescue and military settings. On demand, triggered or scheduled playout of stored audio messages are used.

  • Systems testing (eg. fire alarm, crash alarm)
  • Security & Incident, Lockdown

Muster & Readiness Playout

Used in both rescue and military settings to muster and control staff for various functions. 

  • Military – used for incident and security issues
  • Fire & Police ‘Turn Out’ – used to ready staff for major call out response
  • Rescue – used to ready emergency staff (eg. air ambulance pilots / crews)
military sound system

Rescue & Military IP Audio

Rescue and military sites are often very large, formed with numerous buildings. Traditional audio cabling can prove very restrictive and prone to issue / deterioration unless very well supported and maintained. As with the commercial sectors, the rescue and military sector has also made significant investment improvement with IP network infrastructures. IP Audio leverages this investment, enabling simple, scalable designs and installation across large sites and buildings.

IP Audio vs Traditional Audio…

  • Offers much improved capability, scalability, management & control
  • Provide topology and audio routing options not available with traditional audio
  • Requires little or no centralised system equipment 

Traditional Audio vs IP Audio…

  • Lower system, device and speaker costs
  • Wide manufacturer and product choice availability
  • Established sales and support channels

Which audio technology?

Rescue & Military audio projects requiring access to some of the improved capabilities of IP audio such as flexible management of audio source and audio output (routing and volume control), are likely to require and embrace IP audio. Balancing cost and capability, it is also possible to consider an integrated IP / Traditional system solution mixing both technologies for less complex / demanding project designs.

police emergency services sound system

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