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  • Commercial IP audio (AoIP) device portfolio
  • Server-less, no licencing costs
  • Great interoperability
  • Integrate with legacy audio systems

AudIP - Commercial IP Audio

audip ip audio product entities

What is AudIP?

AudIP is an IP audio (AoIP) device portfolio for audio designers and engineers to create commercial IP audio sound systems and integrated network IP audio applications. Based largely on Barix AG IP audio entities, AudIP extends wider AoIP proposition and design capability by offering a range of AudIP IP speakers and by enabling interoperability between multi-manufacturer AoIP devices.

Why AudIP?

With increasing availability and demand for AoIP – customers, designers and specifiers have a widening choice for their network audio requirements. Choice is great, but can propose some difficulty in evaluating and differentiating AoIP vendors and their product devices. For example, some offer bespoke AoIP applications and communications configurations, limiting flexibility and interoperability. Others have overly complicated server/client architectures with expensive licencing structures. 

AudIP offers uncomplicated, flexible, highly interoperable and cost effective AoIP.


Don’t get trapped with AoIP! The AudIP device range is not single manufacturer or AoIP technology specific, offering great interoperability. For example, AudIP IP speakers can be configured to operate with a wide range of generic standards (inc SIP, RTP, Multicast, HTTP, AES67 and Dante integration).

'Serverless' Architecture & no licencing costs

AudIP is designed around a simple serverless architecture. All AudIP device entities run firmware. Depending on the required audio application/s, one, some or all AudIP device/s firmware will provide the necessary configuration, control and management – without need for a separate server.

AudIP does not have licencing costs. There are no costs associated with the device firmware, applications or with the alteration or addition of more AudIP devices.

Applications and Features

Network AoIP audio enables applications, features and integration not previously available with traditional audio. Offering excellent interoperability, AudIP offers the widest possible range of audio applications and features. Uniquely, many AudIP device entities are also not application or feature specific – meaning, the entity and device firmware can be freely updated or changed to create the desired audio function or application.

AudIP AoIP product device 'entities'

IP audio systems and solution designs can be very simple. For example, a single AudIP IP speaker (an audio output entity) installed into a reception area or waiting room could be be configured to playout music – a basic background music (BGM) application. Add an IP microphone (an audio input entity) and the same AudIP IP speaker can be configured additionally to playout audio announcements from the microphone – a basic public address (PA), paging or tannoy application.

AoIP device products can be groups into four building block ‘entities’

  • Audio Source (eg. microphone, music player)
  • Audio Interfaces (eg. gateways and coders)
  • Audio Processing (firmware / software)
  • Audio Playout (output devices, speakers)

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