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Education & School IP Sound System

Schools, colleges, universities and the wider adult/public education sector…. Many employ a school sound system to provide a variety of audio applications such as IP mass notification (IP Tannoy, Paging, PA), IP Music (IP BGM) and bespoke audio through innovative audio solutions such as digital / audio signage. Increasingly, we also find scheduled and triggered audio message playback for events & incidents such as alarm testing, security and lockdown announcements.

Typical education & school sound system audio applications:

  • School Tannoy, Paging & Public Address (PA) – announcements, mass notification
  • Background Music (BGM) – events, common rooms, lunch/break times
  • Scheduled audio Message Playout – covid, fire alarm testing
  • Triggered audio Message Playout – security, school lockdown
  • Audio signage – give screens their voice!

Audio Applications

Education and school settings employ a range of audio applications – typical examples as follows:

Mass Notification (Tannoy, Paging, PA)

Staff, students and visiting public, mass notification through audio  communication using ‘Tannoy’, Paging and Public Address (PA) applications are regularly employed in schools and education settings.

  • Staff call / announcements
  • Event and Incident announcements / management

Background Music (BGM)

Background Music is regularly employed in many education and school settings. Reception areas, school radio, break and lunch times, common rooms often playout BGM.

  • Stored Audio Playback (music player)
  • Music Streaming Service (eg. Soundtack Your Brand)
  • ‘Curated’ local/streaming music service (popular option / choice)
  • Zoned Audio – The ability to select and playout different BGM to different areas (eg. common rooms, gym areas, corridors)

Lockdown - Audio Message Playout

Pre-recorded audio tones and messages are used within many education and school settings. On demand, triggered or scheduled playout of stored audio messages are used.

  • School ‘Bells’ / Class Change
  • Fire Alarm / Systems Testing
  • Security & Incident, School Lockdown
school lockdown system

Education & Schools IP Audio System

Many education and schools settings employ audio for a variety of operational and process functions. IP audio technology provides excellent functional and integrated capability can be used to underpin the demand for flexible and scalable audio designs often associated with education and school settings.

IP Audio vs Traditional Audio…

  • Offers much improved capability, scalability, management & control
  • Provide topology and audio routing options not available with traditional audio
  • Requires little or no centralised system equipment 

Traditional Audio vs IP Audio…

  • Lower system, device and speaker costs
  • Wide manufacturer and product choice availability
  • Established sales and support channels

Schools & Education – which audio technology to use?

Schools and Education audio projects requiring access to some of the improved capabilities of IP audio such as flexible management of audio source and audio output (routing and volume control), are likely to require and embrace IP audio. Balancing cost and capability, it is also possible to consider an integrated IP / Traditional system solution mixing both technologies for less complex / demanding project designs.

A good example of IP audio technology use in a school setting would be flexible zoning. Using IP speakers would enable logical audio zone assignment, configured in software or firmware system management. This would enable flexible zone assignment and targeted audio to individual speakers and small / large groups of speakers. Particularly useful for making individual classroom announcements and for audio output control (eg. restricting output during exams).

Education IP Audio

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