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RAF Coningsby

Project Outline

Do singe site audio installations get bigger than this?

With 100’s of speakers spread across a huge military site containing 50+ separate buildings, this is a seriously large audio installation. RAF Coningsby ‘station tannoy’ system and audio altering systems provide site wide communications and incident reporting as well as instructional alert state update and instruction.

The wider audio design solution for this site is based on key ‘broadcast’ points, with priority audio routing through a series of ‘ring’ cabling infrastructure. Of particular challenge is the sheer scale of the site, distances involved and sensitivity with regard to any broadcast (including testing and commissioning).

Audio Applications

  • Public Address (PA) / Station ‘Tannoy’
  • Audio alert tones & messages (eg. crash alarm)

Audio Specification & Technologies

  • 100v line, high impedance
  • Line level audio distribution
  • VOR (voice operated relays) used to firewall building entry
  • Traditional audio message player (MP3)
  • Bespoke microphone console units (military grade with physical button protective measures)

Installation Details

Most of the wider existing line level audio distribution network is some 20-40 years old. Forming a series of ‘rings’ audio transmission as pro line level (LL) enters strategic building entry points via radial taps from the primary LL distribution. VOR’s are used to firewall and isolate local building mixer / amplifiers, which provide local audio service to one or more buildings (from a few speakers to 100’s of speakers).

Following an increasing number of partial system failures and performance issues, Abletek were contacted and asked to perform a series of test and inspection surveys around the site. The results of which would determine upgrade and improvement plans. Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) testing, electrical and functional audio level testing was carried out over the course of a number of planned project visits. Given the size and scale of the site, this was extensive work, much of the testing phases taking weeks to complete.

Various upgrade and improvement projects followed. Of particular note was our swap out of the primary broadcast point audio systems. These systems (x5) provide audio input to the wider station tannoy, including priority audio routing and broadcast of all military alarm messages.

RAF Coningsby

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