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Lister Hospital

Project Outline

The Lister Hospital in Stevenage was scheduled for major refurbishment to many of the various healthcare departments. Our focus for this project was for service to the hospital Accident and Emergency (A&E) and associated adult and children’s support facilities (minors, majors, resus, paediatric and fractures). Working through the appointed project M&E contractor, our system design provided coverage throughout the hospital ED supporting notification, communication and staff co-ordination.

Audio Applications

  • Public Address (PA) / Tannoy
  • Mass Notification
  • ED Staff communication and co-ordination
  • Background Music (public waiting)

Audio Specification & Technologies

  • 100v line, high impedance
  • Multiple zones (focused audio playout)
  • Specialist, rugged microphone base stations
  • Priority audio

Installation Details

The main hospital Emergency Department (ED) is located on the ground floor. The basement below was used to install the associated audio system equipment and largely in support of cable routing and containment. Regular ‘riser’ access was available for us to install and route cables to the various ED departments as required (for both speakers and microphones).

Our design was based on 100v line audio – 6 audio zones were created to provide targeted audio and to limit unnecessary playout between zones/departments. The system was primarily installed to allow staff to communicate and co-ordinate ED staff and functions. For example, in the main / majors ED department, audio announcements were used in advance of serious inbound patients requiring specialist focused support.

Each audio zone was installed with at least one microphone to enable local zone playout of announcements as well as being able to make ED wide (all zones) playout if required. Prioritisation and ‘busy’ indicators were designed and installed for use to ensure certain departments audio had priority over others should an attempt be made to use at the same time.

Lister Hospital

Hospital Audio System Installation
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