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Project Outline

The Ford parts & distribution site in Daventry is simply ‘Huge’. Having previously provided contracted technical support for this site, we were asked to specify and install an audio broadcast system within the new training building facility.

Our customer required an audio system to serve different work place and environment settings throughout the training building. The system was designed to afford flexible routing of multiple input audio sources to numerous output zones / areas.

Audio Applications

  • Public Address (PA) / Tannoy
  • Radio Back Ground Music (BGM)
  • Audio message playout (security and alarm)

Audio Specification & Technologies

  • 100v line, high impedance
  • Traditional and IP speakers
  • IP / Network Audio Player
  • Internet streaming / curated music
  • Audio matrix

Installation Details

With previous installation experience about this site and the existing installed sound systems, we were able to interconnect and extend service into the new training building facility. Primarily, 100v line audio was used for audio distribution to speakers. Two small areas within the main training ‘showroom’ required regular direct control for various user functions – IP audio and IP speakers were used and installed to meet this demand. User control of these areas and selective audio / music source playout including volume control was provided using the web interface of the IP speakers running specialist firmware.

Full frequency range, 2-way music speakers were installed throughout to provide best possible audio quality and audibility.

To provide music options for playout to the majority of the speaker locations and zones, we installed an 8×8 audio matrix. Users were able to remotely select, route and alter volume levels using wall mount controllers.

The IP speaker areas required regular background music (BGM) with flexible playout, scheduling and music content options. We discussed a number of local and hosted BGM options with our customer, before settling on an internet hosted service offering curated music – removing potential time burden for the site personnel in the creation / alteration of music libraries and playlists.


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