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HKRC Racing

Project Outline

Hunts Kart Racing Club (HKRC) is based in Kimbolton nr. Huntingdon. The club is some 50+ years old and is notable for a number of young drivers that went on to become professionals – such as Lewis Hamilton and Dan Wheldon.

Our initial engagement at this site was to survey, test and assess the existing installed audio systems. Previous racing meetings had shown up a number of performance issues and track side coverage speaker failings. Following our survey report and improvement recommendations, the club management asked us to conduct a series of upgrade and improvement works as follows:

  • Installation of new speakers to the large rear ‘paddock’ area tree line
  • Installation of additional commentary speakers to the track far side
  • Local zone, speaker installation to the cafe & seating area
  • Numerous cabling repairs and replacements
  • Audio mixer and amplifier upgrades and protection with dedicated racking

Audio Applications

  • Public Address (PA) / Tannoy (Commentary & Paddock)
  • Wireless microphone systems x 2 (Commentary and Parc Ferme)
  • Mass Notification

Audio Specification & Technologies

  • 100v line, high impedance
  • True Diversity wireless microphones

Installation Details

The existing audio installation at this site was old, much of the associated speaker line cabling and distribution had been poorly installed, often with incorrectly rated external fittings. Our first task was to survey, test and identify all areas of cabling infrastructure for improvement and/or replacement.

Our client employed groundsman contractors to install new ducting and armored cabling. A series of new pole based speakers were installed along the length of the rear paddock areas and also to the far side of the track. New cable jointing and terminations were made to many existing speakers and associated cable distribution points.

The HKRC site is mostly unoccupied when there are no race meetings. Historically, for safekeeping, the audio system equipment (mixers, amps, wireless and paging kit) was set-up and then removed / stored after each meeting. With time and a growing audio system, this had become a burden to the club management, cables and the equipment had also take their fair share of ‘bangs’ during this process. A suitably protected, permanently installed solution was required. To meet this, we installed all of the system equipment into secure heavy duty ‘flight case’ racking – allowing simple set-up and use for each meeting.

HKRC Racing

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