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Algram Group

Project Outline

The Algram / Olympus Group site near Plymouth is materials manufacturing facility specialising in thermoplastics production. This industrial site is based around a main production building with supporting logistics, warehousing and offices.

Working directly with the customer IT management we were asked to install additional speaker lines and speakers to a number of the production areas (with existing poor speaker numbers and coverage) and to the main office block offices (without any coverage or speakers).

IP telephony integration to allow user access to the system from telephones was required, providing system input location flexibility. This capability was a particular challenge at the time due to limited adherence to generic SIP / IP telephony standards from the site IP telephone system.

Audio Applications

  • Public Address (PA) / Tannoy
  • Mass Notification
  • Radio Back Ground Music (BGM)

Audio Specification & Technologies

  • 100v line, high impedance
  • SIP / IP Telephony Interface

Installation Details

To provide coverage and performance audibility improvement within a number of production areas, we extended existing 100v speaker line circuits and installed additional speakers. Upgrade of existing system and zone amplification – larger capacity power amplifiers were installed to accommodate the additional speaker loading / power requirements.

The site IP telephony system was based on the prevailing SIP IP telephony standard, but did not allow for configuration of a number of important DTMF SIP signalling through standard ‘ports’. This was a particular challenge – configuration flexibility of the chosen SIP audio interface was required.

The main building office block had relied on a ‘paging’ function from their telephone system to broadcast announcements. This capability worked well where there were telephones but did not provide good audibility in corridors or other offices / rooms without telephones. To resolve this issue and to provide audibility improvement, we installed a mix of wall and ceiling speakers throughout the offices, connecting back to the main site audio system and a dedicated supporting power amplifier.

Algram Group

sound system installation to factory manufacturing facility
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