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Project Outline

This Wagamama restaurant based at the Rushden Lakes retail park was one of a number Wagamama restaurant sites we were contracted by our client to support. Bose speakers and supporting mixing/amplification equipment formed the basis of the system design. Speakers were installed colour matched to blend into the dark ‘industrial’ theme branding.

Working through project consulting engineers as supporting audio specialists, our audio design was largely consistent with other Wagamama restaurant sites – with some minor alterations to speaker quantities and volume/zone controls.

Music source for this project was based on a third party web based (hosted) curated music content service. Music tracks and playlists are curated and controlled centrally, without any management requirements from local staff.

Audio Applications

  • Curated Background Music (BGM)

Audio Specification & Technologies

  • Bose Speakers – multi-way and subs
  • 100v line with local wall volume controls
  • Audio Matrix with zone control
  • Web IP audio streamer (hosted curated music service)

Installation Details

Working with the project architects speakers were colour matched to the ceiling design and colour branding. Speakers were installed to agreed appointed locations (typically along metal containment trays). A number of audio zones were created to work independently and collectively respecting the restaurant layout/design against customer and table occupation capacities during different times of the day/s.

Local wall controllers were installed to provide staff control of music and volume levels.

A third party music content service was used to supply all background music (BGM) for this project. This is a subscription service offering brand and industry based curated music. Music tracks and playlists are created on behalf of the client / Wagamama.


Wagamama Restaurant Hospitality Sound System
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