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Project Outline

The Vbites site in Newcastle is food production facility specialising in plat based, vegan foods. This industrial site is based around a main production building with supporting logistics, warehousing and offices. Our customer required an audio sound system installation to provide an effective means of communication between the office staff and management team within the protected ‘high care’ food production areas and production lines .

A number of audio applications were required. Tannoy / Public Address (PA) to provide the basis of targeted live announcement broadcasts. Radio and Background music (BGM) was required throughout the production areas to offset the ‘drone’ of the production noise and to improve the overall mood / ambiance. Priority audio playout was also required to indicate shift change and break times.

As with all food production sound system installation, our site works were arranged and closely controlled to mitigate any possibility of contamination with the production process and food product. Working with the production manager and local site maintenance team, we were able to carry out much of the main installation works without disturbing or restricting production (a large percentage of our works were carried out in the roof void above the production areas).

Audio Applications

  • Public Address (PA) / Tannoy
  • Radio and Back Ground Music (BGM)
  • Shift / Break change message playout

Audio Specification & Technologies

  • 100v line, high impedance
  • DAB radio tuner
  • Audio message player

Installation Details

Utilising the main roof void above much of the production facility, we installed all of the distribution 100v line cabling. Stainless steel containment was used throughout any of our lower production room installation – conduit used to contain cables to speaker points at high levels.

Full frequency range, 2-way music speakers were installed throughout to provide best possible audio quality and audibility. Speakers were strategically positioned to provide best results against high level ambient noise levels.

A ‘keep it simple’ pro audio DAB radio tuner was installed to provide radio input.

A traditional MP3 audio store & playback device was used to provide shift change and breaks audio playout. Partnering with this device, we installed a specialist programmable timer with user LCD display – to provide user controlled time based scheduling and trigger for message playback.


audio system installation to food production facility
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