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BBC NI Northern Ireland

Project Outline

BBC IP sound system installation. The BBC media office in Belfast, Northern Ireland required an IP audio based sound system to provide flexibility, functionality and capability not available using traditional audio products and design topology.

Working with customer project management teams and supporting IT technical authority, we defined the scope of the project and assessed suitable IP audio system and product devices. Flexible audio routing and physical deployment of speakers were the primary required capabilities (mostly due to staff re-locations and office changes).

Audio Applications

Audio Specification & Technologies

  • IP Speakers
  • IP Microphones
  • IP Audio message player
  • IP / SIP telephony interface

Installation Details

IP audio is used exclusively throughout this project. IP speakers were specified against capability and acoustic performance. Prior to the project installation, the supporting IT security authority rigorously tested the IP speakers (access vulnerability, authentication and penetration testing) to ensure compliance to their network security policies. Abletek support was provided throughout the project, regular communication was also made with the supplying manufacturer for additional technical detail in support of device security and future firmware upgrade migration.

A screenbased, PoE powered IP microphone was supplied and installed for this project. This device was used as the primary method for central audio announcements. In addition, the firmware and configuration load for the IP speakers contained a SIP client. This enabled secondary access for users to make PA/tannoy announcements via telephones (local office phones and mobiles).

BBC NI Northern Ireland

bbc ip audio sound system installation
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