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Dante IP audio product sales. ‘Dante’ isn’t a manufacturer or product device. Dante is a digital protocol developed by Audinate, which is used to create a common communications platform for multi-manufacturer interoperability.

Initially targeting audio ‘inter-connectivity’ (eg. studio links), we now see Dante evolving alongside supporting manufacturers with specific Dante IP audio sales and products such as IP speakers and IP microphones.

Audinate has it’s roots back as far as 2003 and expanded it’s European operations in 2011. Many audio product manufacturers have embedded Dante into their products to enable distribution and routing of audio within IP networks.

  • Excellent multi-manufacturer interoperability
  • Dante – offers a common digital protocol
    • Wide audio manufacturer adoption / support
    • Growing endpoint audio product availability
  • Excellent audio transmission – stability, synchronisation, low latency

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