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The Barix Barionet X8 is a universal Modbus – 8 universal (analog or digital) TTL level inputs or outputs.

Connect a button, switch, replay or similar control I/O operation to the Barionet X8, connected to a Barix Exstreamer device running MP3 Digital Messaging firmware to create a simple low cost IP audio message player.


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Product Details


The Barix Barionet X8 is a Modbus remote I/O module with RS485 Modbus/ RTU interface, 8 universal (analog or digital) TTL level inputs or outputs. Suitable also as a Wiegand converter or 1-wire temperature sensor interface to Modbus/RTU.

The Barix X8 is a universal Modbus I/O module with serial RS-485 Modbus/RTU interface. Eight universal inputs or outputs can be independently programmed to act as digital or analog inputs with a programmable pull-up resistor, or as digital outputs. The X8 can be used to interface to I/O, wiegand enabled readers/keypads or Dallas 1-wire temperature sensors. It can be used as a general-purpose Modbus I/O module or it can be interfaced to the Barionet using the Barionet’s built-in RS-485 interface and BCL code to implement the Modbus/RTU message protocol.

Abletek Note: Using a Barix Barionet X8 connected to a Barix Exstreamer device can create a low cost option for triggering audio message playback applications (such as security announcements and lock down type messages). 


  • Audio message file ‘trigger’ (when connected to a Barix Exstreamer device)
  • General-purpose Modbus/RTU I/O module
  • Remote monitoring of rooms, buildings and sensitive infrastructure
  • Temperature monitoring, logging and HVAC control


  • Power
  • RS-485
  • I/O (I/O, 5Vout,GND)
  • Wiring on spring contact connector blocks for wires AWG 28 – AWG 16 / 0.08 – 1.3 mm²

Inputs / Outputs

  • 8 I/O’s (usage and power-on preset configurable over RS-485) on spring contact connector block for wires AWG 28 – AWG 16 / 0.08 – 1.3 mm²
  • Inputs with internal 10 kOhm pull-up
  • Max total 5 Vout & outputs current @ (V supply): 24 mA (30 VDC), 32 mA (24 VDC), 85 mA (12 VDC)


  • RS-485 (2-wire), 9’600/19’200 Baud , 8 bit, Even/No parity software configurable, Modbus/RTU protocol

Power Supply Requirements (not supplied)

  • 12 to 24 VAC / 9 to 30 VDC, 1 Watt max

Mechanical / Case / Dimensions

  • High quality plastic, 33 g, Ø 2″ (2.75″ mounting ) h 0.9″/ Ø 51 mm (70 mm mounting) h 23 mm


  • Min. 590 000h acc. to MIL217F at 25°C ambient temperature

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