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About Abletek 

About Abletek

Specialist Suppliers & Installers of Commercial Audio System Solutions.
Established in 2001, Abletek is a leading UK provider of Traditional and IP audio systems and solution applications - Public Address (PA)/Tannoy, Background Music, Lockdown/Mass Notification, Voice Alarm, and more.
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IP Audio Systems and Solution Design 

IP Audio Solutions

Integrated IP Audio system and solution design, installation and product sales (IP Public Address/IP PA, IP Background Music/Radio, SIP/IP Telephony). New commercial IP audio project design or integration with existing traditional audio systems - enable enhanced solution design.
IP Audio Systems and Solution Design

Our Customers

Audio Systems and Solutions Customers

From factories and schools to offices, animal sanctuaries and military bases, Abletek provides installation, sales and consultancy support to a large and wide ranging customer base.

Traditional commercial audio system solutions and newer IP audio applications play a leading role for many businesses and organisations accross industry and sector markets. At the centre of most commercial audio installations is a Public Address (PA) or 'Tannoy' system, providing service for routine and important broadcast commuincation (voice and stored audio & messages).

Typical 'add-on' audio applications include: Background Music (BGM), Telephone Access and Voice Alarm (VA), including commercial and school 'Lockdown' / Mass Notification.

Abletek Commercial Audio Solutions