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About Abletek 

About Abletek

Specialist Suppliers & Installers of Commercial Audio System Solutions.
Established in 2001, Abletek is a leading UK provider of traditional and IP audio systems and solution applications - Public Address (PA) / 'Tannoy', Background Music (BGM), Lockdown / Mass Notification, Voice Alarm, and more.

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Audio over IP (AoIP) 

Audio over IP (AoIP)

Audio over IP (AoIP) - Innovative IP audio system engineering and solution design. Installation and product sales of IP Public Address (IP PA), IP Background Music / Radio (IP BGM) and wider SIP/IP Telephony system integration. New commercial IP audio project design or integration with traditional audio systems.

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Installation Services

Experienced commercial audio installation contractors - working directly with end customer clients and through 'specialist contractor' project assignments. We consult, specify, design and install traditional & IP commercial audio solutions.

Client Projects

From offices to food factories, from retail parks and hotels to race tracks and sports grounds. Traditional and IP commercial audio - our customer client base and installations projects portfolio extends throughout the UK.

Audio Support Services

We provide a wide range of commercial audio pre-sales and post-sales customer support services. This includes: technology specification, site surveys, consultancy and design, contract / non-contract support and site maintenance.

Our Customers

Abletek Customers

From factories and schools to offices, animal sanctuaries and military bases, Abletek provides audio design, installation, sales and consultancy support to a large and wide ranging customer base.

Traditional commercial audio system solutions and newer IP audio applications play a leading role for many businesses and organisations accross industry and sector markets. At the centre of most commercial audio installations is a Public Address (PA) or 'Tannoy' system, providing service for routine and important broadcast communication (voice and stored audio & message broadcast).

Typical 'add-on' audio applications include: Background Music/Radio (BGM), Telephone Access, Voice Alarm (VA) and Evacuation, including 'Lockdown' / Mass Notification (schools, local authority and wider commercial implementation).

Tannoy, Public Address (PA) and Audio over IP Systems - Abletek